Our technologies

Why ?

Water Savings

  • Smart irrigation systems can reduce water usage by up to 30% through precise scheduling and efficient water delivery.

Increased Crop Yield

  • Studies show that optimized irrigation strategies can lead to a 20% increase in crop yield, ensuring a more productive harvest.

Cost Savings

  • Smart irrigation can result in significant cost savings, with some farmers reporting a reduction of up to 25% in overall irrigation expenses

Data-Driven Insights

  • Access to real-time and historical data on soil moisture, weather patterns, and water usage provides valuable insights for decision-making.

Our solution

  1. Water leak detection with AI
  2. classic valve motorization
  3. A fully automated intelligent system
  4. A smart system with mobile application control

  1. Minimize manual interventions
  2. static level measurement of the water in wells
  3. remote control of pumps
  4. Soil Health Optimization